Client Testimonials

Dear Bianca:

It’s been oft said that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ That is definitely true in this case; there have been very few times in my life when I have ever felt so ready to learn what you have to offer. I feel very humbled and somewhat foolish to acknowledge that although I’ve been experiencing this human condition for some 47 years now, I really haven’t a clue how to properly treat this body. 

I believe it was Nelson Mandela who said something along the lines that it’s not our limitations that scare us; it’s our potential for greatness.  I have never been more aware of that then I am right now.  I realized this evening, after our last conversation that it’s how quickly I’ve embraced the program you’ve designed for me that is freaking me out. I have tried all the ‘diets’ out there at some point or another in my life, Bianca, but never has my body more quickly adapted to anything the way it has this. . . the reality that perhaps this time what I’m doing can really work has overwhelmed me. 

Being fat has protected me from so much, for such a long time. It’s an ironic reflection on our society that obesity is a great hiding place, but it really is. I used my size to make myself appear strong and ‘tough’ when I really needed to appear that way. Now that I truly know how strong I really am, and what it really means to be strong – I don’t need to be this big anymore. It’s time; and so, now my teacher has appeared.

Thanks for being there for me; just knowing I can call you makes it so much easier to face the many demons my ego is creating for me. I have absolute faith that I will succeed in this, and even enjoy the journey, with you as my guide. top


October 25, 2007

I was working 80 hours a week and doing nothing when I arrived home at night. I was tired, often had headaches and was experiencing menopausal symptoms at the age of 44.

Headed for a heart attack, in August of 2006 I decided to take my health to task and began seeing a personal trainer 3 times per week.

I had been strength training for several months with weights and cardio. But for all my exercise and diet alterations, I still felt tired most of the time. I then had a blood vessel burst in my eye, which caused me to check my blood pressure. To my dismay, my blood pressure had soared and was staying around 170/110. I was immediately advised to begin taking a mild dose of medication.

The medication did bring my blood pressure under control however after a couple of months I tried several times to eliminate it without success. My trainer had suggested more than once that I have a consultation with Bianca Church, a holistic nutritionist. I finally agreed and made an appointment.

From my first experience with Bianca, I have found her to be intelligent and informative, pleasant with a good sense of humor, and to my delight, very straightforward. I had obtained and completed her questionnaire before the meeting. By the end of the first appointment, she was able to give me some insight into my issues. For the most part, my diet was a good one. She did recommend a cleanse which required a nutritional build before hand. Her goal was to try and bring my blood pressure under control while increasing my energy. She explained her full program, which entailed a rounded approach in 5 modules and included nutritional, mental and spiritual components – a holistic approach to total well-being.

I was skeptical at first however was feeling a little desperate to try anything. My decision to enter her program has literally made me young again. For the nutritional build, Bianca identified and gave me a food and supplement program geared to my body. After a month I had energy I had not had for years. The 2 week cleanse was the most revolutionary. My blood pressure dropped in the second day and has been normal ever since. I have not taken blood pressure medication now for 5 months. After the cleanse we included a short allergy free diet. This allowed me to determine the main culprits in my diet.  My peri-menopausal symptoms disappeared and I gained a mental clarity and calmness that had been missing in my life. Bianca has played an integral part in giving me a most precious gift – my good health – for which I will be ever


I am writing on behalf of Bianca church.  I recently have had the opportunity to engage Bianca in some lifestyle adjustments.  I found Bianca to be a highly educated and motivated individual who has helped me tremendously in enjoying a new sense of health.  Under her supervision and guidance I have learned to make the right choices regarding meal planning and supplementation.

Her program is much more than just a “quick fix weight loss plan”.  She educates you on how your body functions and help you recognize what your body is “saying” to you as you eat foods that do not fit with your specific body.  Everything is custom tailored and supported through booklets and articles that Bianca custom designs to meet your health needs.  Her education and training is evident in everything from how she conducts herself to her vast knowledge.

Bianca Church’s services are what I needed to do, what I had to do.  I had seen Doctors regarding my weight, I have been on numerous weight loss plans, have ignored my health for many years hoping it would go away, but none influenced my life the way that Bianca and her program did.  In my opinion people need options for their health care and if you have professionally trained practitioners available other than conventional methods it can only help to heal a greater scope of people.

Bianca’s program is set up to made you succeed.  With shopping lists, delicious and easy recipes and her hands on approach you can’t help but get healthy.  I have been completely re-education about what foods are good for me and have lost 60 pounds in the process.  I feel in charge of my health thanks to


Bianca you have been such an inspiration to me.  Once I took the first few steps towards internal health and well being, there was simply no turning back.  Your enthusiasm is infectious and your knowledge and encouragement has been a great support to me.  I could not have had such positive results without your help.  The knowledge I have gained is immeasurable and so empowering.  Thank


My experience with Bianca has been wonderful.  She provided me with life saving information. 

I had been having trouble with my weight; it was going up each year.  I exercised and thought I ate properly.  I had tried a lot of fad diets and was not happy with any of the results.  Bianca made me aware of the foods that I was choosing were not right for me.  I became more concerned when I was diagnosed with colon cancer.   I knew I had to make some serious changes in my eating habits. 

I attended a “Holistic Workshop” where Bianca was a presenter and she really got me interested with the smell of the wonderful foods that she prepared for us to taste. I did not know that healthy and tasting good could go together!!  I felt I found my savior.

Bianca made me aware of how food combinations help with digestion. I am now confident that by making healthier meals for myself, with the delicious recipes Bianca included in my wellness plan, and by visiting my doctor regularly, I can prevent the colon cancer from recurring.  I also lost 10 lbs with the changes I made with Bianca’s recommendations and by keeping this life style I am confident that I can reach my goal and lose another 10 lbs without feeling like I am dieting. 

Thanks Bianca for your support and encouragement you provided me! top


Dear Bianca,

Thank you for taking the time and interest in having me as a client!  You have had a major impact on my thinking and have enhanced the quality of life for the horses in my life!!top


I had tried everything out there to try to find relief from my constant insomnia, inability to lose weight and general fatigue. Nothing worked until I met with Bianca Church. Her suggestions at lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, although at first a little overwhelming, proved to be the answer I had been looking for. It’s been several months since I first met with Bianca and I haven’t felt this good in years. My diet is much healthier, I’ve lost weight and can keep it off effortlessly, and my sleep is much improved. Thank you Bianca for your knowledge, compassion and encouragement!top


Before I began the wellness program I suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I ate healthy, took vitamins, tried to be active, but, nothing worked.  I was always tired.  I slept 9 to 11 hours a day and was still tired.  I drank gallons of tea per day just trying to get some energy.  Nothing worked.  I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome that at times was so painful the only relief I could get was from demerol.  I took anti-depressants because I battled over-whelming sadness even though I had no reason to be sad.
It has been six months since I started the program and I have never felt better in my life.  I sleep only 7 hours a night, uninterrupted quality sleep.  I wake up every morning refreshed, early, and happy.  I exercise everyday and love it.  Weight was not an issue for me but I have lost 10 pounds.  My skin is cellulite free and my body has responded quickly to the exercise, with so much better tone.  I never suffer from I.B.S anymore.  I am off anti-depressants. 
I turned 50 in October and feel great.  I ran into and old friend the day and she asked me if I had had a face lift.  My look has changed.  My skin is definitely more youthful looking and my eyes sparkle again. 
I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be the best they can be.  You owe it to yourself.

top Nancy