The Mentor

As Teaching Assistant for CSNN Distance Education and through her experience in marking numerous tests for the CSNN Diploma program, Bianca has identified key areas where students could improve their chances of success and make more efficient use of their time.

Bianca Tutoring Services

She has designed these sessions to help students complete their studies quickly and effectively. In addition to her work as a TA, Bianca Church is owner and operator of Nature’s Wellness, a successful holistic practice with clients both within and outside of Canada. She is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Distance Education, recipient of CSNN’s 2005 Award of Excellence, graduate of the International Institute of Iridology, an IONC member, and a Certified Healthy Breast Practitioner. Bianca has 5 years experience teaching students with the use of structured materials and private tutorials.

Tutorials Offered

Mentorship for Program Completion - “Completing Your Natural Nutrition Program in a Timely Manner.” Tutorials Offered:

  • Planning your course completion
  • Time managing your studies
  • Effective study methods
  • Successfully writing open book tests
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing Successful Case Studies
  • Preparing for the final exam

Course Details and Costs Details:
All sessions include materials and are conducted on an individual basis via telephone and email. Each session is 30 minutes in length except for "Writing Successful Case Studies" and "Preparing for the Final" which are 1 hour in length. Long distance charges are the responsibility of the student.
Single 1/2 hour tutorial: $30.00 + HST
1 hour tutorial $60.00 + HST
7 session tutorial package: $225.00 + HST
Payment can be made by cheque or credit card.
Contact: (705) 724-9190 for more details.