How Does a Consultation Work?

The first appointment always begins with an assessment to determine the status of your body’s systems. This will provide the information required to develop a plan that is personalized to you. Through questionnaires we collect information about your lifestyle, diet and body systems. Then a graphed report is generated that depicts your results. These results are then interpreted for you in your private one-on-one appointment.

You one-on-one consultation is waiting...

...your independent wellness journey

A report is also prepared for you to take home and review. The goal of the first appointment is to collect information required for a complete wellness program that is designed to educate you so that you can actively become part of the healing process.  Once we develop your plan, it is delivered to you in an easy to understand step-by-step format. This document is for you keep and to refer to in the future. Every part of the program is delivered to you in a private appointment where your education and understanding of the material is our top priority. Programs take time to complete and practical experience is paramount to your independence and empowerment. This is why each program is delivered in parts, with your nutritionist alongside you on your wellness journey. Once you have completed your program you are encouraged to carry on in your wellness journey as an empowered independent individual who is capable of creating their own wellness.