Learn, Eat, & Be Well
Holistic Nutrition Camp in Southwest France

It is within your reach...

A Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach will teach you the importance of balanced nutrition and lifestyle to promote the well being of the entire body, mind, and spirit. Each Client is regarded as an individual and each Wellness Plan is personalized to meet your needs and goals. An RHN's principal function is to educate individuals or groups about the benefits and positive health impact of optimal nutrition and lifestyle.

How does a Consultation Work?

...because every person is born with a divine right to optimum wellness.

A variety of services are offered to fit your wellness journey:
  • Assessments and Wellness Planning
  • Personalized Wellness Plans and Coaching
  • Breast Health Programs
  • Cleansing and Detoxifying Seminars
  • Holistic Iridology and Iris Analysis
  • Educational Seminars
  • On-site Nutrition Clinics
All services are provided by Bianca Church, RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), a Level III Holistic Iridologist with the International Institute of Iridology, and Certified Healthy Breast Practitioner/Breast Cancer Coach with ProHealth Coaching.